Kari Kuisma

glass artist

Year of birth:1950
Phone number:+358 44 020 0831
Address:Vanhakoivistontie 32
Postal code:28360
Curriculum vitae:Lataa

The image of glass lives and moves in different lights. It covers, warps and hides. It flashes, it reflects. I cannot stop wondering the colours of the cut of the glass. The older the glass, the greener the cut. At least half of the glass I use is recycled. I paint and cut it in various ways. I layer the glass and try to create an architechtonic shape of it, which should be examined from different angles. The light creates it´s own element when in contact with glass. I used to concentrate in rectangular shapes but have lately been drawn to round shapes. There are numerous possibilities when you work with glass.


Solo Exhibitions

2014 Helsinki, AVA gallery, together with R.Kuisma
2014 Latvia, Riga, Museum of Decorative Art and Design together with R. Kuisma
2015 Tampere, gallery Kapriisi


2015 Helsinki, Window gallery S, together with R. Kuisma
2015 Ilmajoki, Lasita exhibition, glassa art, Sulosointuja ll
2015 Italy, Bari, Globalt Art gallery

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